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September 2013
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A Novel Design Solution to the Fraenal Notch of Maxillary Dentures


Abstract - This study investigates a novel design feature for the fraenal notch of maxillary dentures, using computational and experimental methods, and shows that its use could significantly increase the longevity of the prosthesis. A two-step process can be used to create the design feature with current denture base materials, but would be highly dependent on the individual skill of the dental technician. Therefore, an alternative form of manufacture, multi-material additive layer manufacture (or ‘3D printing’), has been proposed as a future method for the direct production of complete dentures with multi-material design features.

KEY WORDS: Denture, Stress Concentration, Fraenal Notch, Additive Layer Manufacture [ALM], 3D printing, Finite Element Analysis [FEA]

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J.A.P. White, I.P. Bond, D.C. Jagger

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