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September 2013
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Book Review - Peri-implantitis. Stefan Renvert

Peri-implantitis. Stefan Renvert and Jean-Louis Giovannoli. Quintessence Publishing. 259 pages, 1197 mostly coloured illustrations. ISBN 978-2-912550-98-9. Hardback £140

With increasing focus at scientific meetings on the topics of aeitiology, diagnosis and management of peri-implant diseases, this book has certainly come in a timely manner. Up until now, these diseases have only generally received recognition in publications or within individual book chapters; subsequently this textbook is a rare occurrence as it is solely devoted to the topic. The book, which is very well presented, is hard backed, 259 pages long, well reproduced and appropriately sized. The title for the front cover has a striking bold colored font, which immediately captures the reader’s attention. The quality of the clinical photographs and schematics throughout the book are of an expected high standard. The forward is by Niklaus Lang for which I can only but echo, in that as dental implants become an ever increasing and popular treatment modality, peri-implant diseases will, and are, unfortunately becoming encountered with increasing frequency. Although the title for the book may not appeal to all, the book is essential reading for all practitioners (general, higher trainee/ post-graduate or current specialist) involved in recommending, undertaking and maintaining implant retained restorations. The authors of the book are two experienced periodontists and implantologists; Stefan Renvert (based in Sweden) and Jean-Louis Giovannoli (based in France) who have been actively involved in clinical, research and educational activities for the last twenty years.

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