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September 2013
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Removable Partial Denture Education in Portugal Following the Bologna Process


Abstract - The aim of this study was to investigate the current guidelines used for the undergraduate course subject Removable Partial Denture in Portuguese Dental Schools following the Bologna Process. All Dental Schools were sent a questionnaire, divided into the following areas: (I) organization and syllabus; (II) teaching methods; (III) materials and techniques; Answers about organization and syllabus of course subjects showed the most variability; teaching methods were identical regarding principal textbook and live demonstrations of laboratory / clinical procedures; the same techniques and materials are used in all the schools’ dental clinics. The majority of Dental Schools present similar guidelines for removable partial dentures.

KEY WORDS: removable partial denture, dental education, teaching, curriculum, Portugal

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M.H. Figueiral, P. Fonseca, J.C.R. Campos, A.R. Correia, M.S. Fernandes, F.J.M. Branco

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