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September 2013
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Guest editorial: Sverker Toreskog – an appreciation

Many of you will recall that Dr Sverker Toreskog was given the 2013 BACD President’s Award in recognition of his lifelong contributions to minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry. Some of you will remember the excellent two-day seminar he presented to the BACD in 2007 together with his technician Claes Myrin and orthodontist colleague Professor Bjorn Zachrisson. Others amongst you may have heard him speak on one of his numerous lecture trips to the UK or further afield. A few of you may have heard the sad news that Sverker passed away in February this year after a short but characteristically stoic battle with prostate cancer. Dentistry had lost a unique individual – not just a fantastically entertaining and charismatic lecturer, but a person whose passion for his work allowed him to be an inspiration to others. The enthusiastically generous way in which he shared his clinical philosophies and methodology allowed ‘normal’ people in the audience to believe that they too could successfully replicate what he was showing on the screen. One of those people was me. And I do not exaggerate when I say that I would not be the dentist I am today without having met and been inspired by him.

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