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March 2015
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Tackling a dry mouth: an oral health intervention for Sjögren’s sufferers

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Dental Public Health in Action

Tackling a dry mouth: an oral health intervention for Sjögren’s sufferers
E.K. Wall and E.J. Walmsley

UK Key words: Sjogren’s Syndrome, xerostomia, oral health, dental health education, dental students, dental school Public health competencies being illustrated: Strategic leadership and collaborative working for health and oral health improvement

As part of the curriculum at Plymouth University Peninsula Dental School, second year students are given the opportunity to work with their peers to deliver a Community Engagement Project (CEP). This involves working with target groups within the local community to identify relevant oral health needs and addressing these needs by providing an appropriate, evidence based, student-led, oral health intervention. The project aims to further the students’ understanding and empathy for different groups within the community, while improving their ability to provide holistic patient care. This report reflects on the CEP undertaken by a group of Peninsula Dental School students alongside a local support group for individuals suffering with Sjögren’s syndrome (SS).

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E.K. Wall, E.J. Walmsley

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