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September 2016
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Decayed, Missing and Filled Teeth among Jordanian nursing home residents

Aim: To report on Decayed, Missing, Filled Teeth (DMFT) among Jordanian nursing home residents and to analyse
the differences of these conditions among different socio-demographic, personal and dental characteristics.
Methodology: A convenience sample of 221 Jordanian nursing home residents with a mean age of 62.4 years(121 males and 100 females) from all nursing home residents in Jordan (297 subjects) were recruited to participate in this study. Subjects were interviewed and clinically examined for DMFT by a single trained and calibrated examiner. Data were processed and analysed using SPSS software. Statistics included frequency distributions and non-parametric tests. Kruskal Wallis and Mann-Whitney tests were used to analyse the differences in the mean DMFT among different independent variables. Results: The mean number of missing teeth was 21.13 (32.6% of residents were totally edentulous). The mean
numbers of DMFT were 4.0, 21.13, and 0.57, respectively (DMFT=25.72). DMFT among dentate residents was significantly higher in older age group, smokers and those with irregular tooth brushing and dental visits. Conclusion: This study provided useful information on the DMFT status of Jordanian nursing home residents. Attention should be given by the general dental practitioner to the poor oral health status and the treatment needs that nursing home residents might exhibit.

Key words: DMFT, nursing home, Jordan

Doi: 10.443/JDOH/Hamasha 06

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