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September 2016
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Editorial: The Arts and empathy in Special Needs (Care) Dentistry

“What on earth are dental students doing in an art gallery?” “What does the gallery have to do with empathy?” These are
questions I am often asked as I meet dental students at the doors of the Ian Potter Museum of Art. I wonder if I should
tell them outright or rather just let them experience the moment. As I walked around the Art Gallery here in Barcelona after attending the annual conference of the Association of Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) 2016, I feel that the student questions are somewhat self-explanatory. Dental students and in fact all students in health disciplines
can learn an enormous amount by spending time in galleries. Apart from the obvious beauty and time for self-reflection
that a gallery affords one, it allows thinking and moulding of thoughts, and development of relationships with the inner
self and humanity at large.

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Mina Borromeo

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