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March 2017
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Continuing Professional Development Programme

JDOH is pleased to include a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme for its readers who are required to show evidence of CPD hours spent.
Aims and outcomes

The Programme is formulated is accordance with the guidance of the UK General Dental Council and the guidelines of the FDI World Dental Federation. The General Dental Council regulations now require all registered UK dental professionals to undertake CPD and provide evidence of verifiable CPD. The questions in this issue will provide a
total of two verifiable hours for those entering the CPD programme.

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  1. The development of a mouthcare information leaflet for carers of older people
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  1. Audit of the use of clinical holding at Birmingham Community Healthcare Special Care Dental Service
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  1. Patient and carer involvement in evaluating a toothbrushing programme for children and young people with neurological motor impairment
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  1. Continuing Professional Development Programme
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  1. Diary Dates 2017-2018
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