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June 2018
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Management of oral and dental problems in rett syndrome a narrative review of the literature

Aim and objectives: To review available dental literature on assessment and management of the oral
manifestations of Rett syndrome.
Methodology: The Ovid Medline and Embase databases were searched for articles written in English and
describing the oral manifestations of Rett syndrome and associated dental management.
Results: The search yielded 530 results in total. Ten articles focused on oral health, of which six were case
reports, two case-series, one cross-sectional study, and one case-control study. Bruxism was the most frequently
reported dental manifestation with dental caries less frequently reported. Management options of bite-planes, full
coverage restorations and acupuncture were used for some patients.
Conclusions: Albeit with limitations, the conclusions that can be drawn are (i) The most common oral
manifestation of Rett syndrome is bruxism, and more specifically, diurnal bruxism; and (ii) Although the rare
incidence of Rett syndrome can be appreciated, the quality of the evidence for the management of bruxism in
those with Rett syndrome subjects is poor.
Key words: Rett syndrome, dental manifestation,
oral health experience, rare disorder,
developmental disability, MECP2

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Y Y L Lai, N M King, J Downs and H Leonard

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