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June 2018
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Recommendations for the management of patients with Long QT syndrome in dentistry

Aim and objectives: Long QT syndrome (LQTS) is a rare but potentially life threatening disorder of the heart’s
conduction system, where cardiac repolarisation (reflected in the QT interval on the ECG) is prolonged. It may be
congenital or acquired. Patients may experience palpitations, syncope, or seizure-like episodes due to torsades de
pointes (ventricular tachycardia). Arrhythmias can lead to cardiac arrest or sudden cardiac death. Physical activity,
auditory stimuli, emotional stress or drugs can provoke arrhythmias. We aim to improve awareness of LQTS and
have developed recommendations using available evidence and supporting professional opinion.
Methodology: A review of the literature was carried out as the first stage of guideline development, and a
multidisciplinary guideline development group was established to develop the recommendations.
Results: We have developed recommendations endorsed by the UK Association for Inherited Cardiac Conditions
(AICC) recommending that these patients receive their dental care in general dental practice with adherence to
practical key advice and recommendations. Dentists need improved awareness of the disease, and the list of
drugs which are contraindicated to avoid arrhythmic complications. Patients may be referred to secondary or
tertiary dental services based on their dental needs in the same way as patients without LQTS would.
Conclusions: Detailed guidance on the dental management of patients with LQTS is lacking, but, using available
evidence with supporting professional opinion, we have developed recommendations for the dental management
of patients with LQTS in the UK. This paper outlines the rationale and processes involved in the development of
this guidance.

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K Mckenna, A Stevens, B Mullally, P McKeown, E Behr and A Muir

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