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June 2019
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Early Effect of Implant Supported Rehabilitation and Nocturnal Bruxism on Maximum Occlusal Force: A Cross-Sectional Study

This clinical study evaluated the early effect of oral rehabilitation with dental implants
and nocturnal bruxism on maximum occlusal force (MOF), before sensorimotor adaptation.
A consecutive sample consisted of 127 patients divided into three groups according to their
dental state: G1- implant-supported fixed complete denture (IFCD) opposing to a small
fixed prosthesis or natural dentition; G2- IFCD opposing to a complete denture; and G3small fixed prosthesis or natural dentition in both arches. Clinical data were collected after
prosthesis installation: systemic and oral health conditions, MOF, self-reported bruxism,
and bruxism severity (low, moderate, severe). Data were analysed by ANOVA and TukeyKrammer tests. Dental state and the interaction sex-bruxism had significant effect on MOF.
G1 had higher MOF than G3, but G2 was not significantly different from G1 and G3. Men with
bruxism had the highest MOF. The levels of bruxism severity did not have a significant effect on MOF. The results suggest that MOF varies as a function of dental state and the interaction sex-bruxism. However, presence and severity of bruxism alone does not affect MOF.

Dental Implants
Bite Force
Oral Rehabilitation authors


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Dr. Gabriela Dias de Lima, Prof. Ahmet Ozkomur, Dr. Eduardo Aydos Villarinho, Dr. Maria Paula de Lima Coltro, Prof. Alvaro Vigo, Prof. Rosemary Sadami Arai Shinkai

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