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June 2011
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The long-term effect of a preventive programme on caries, periodontal disease and tooth mortality in individuals with Down syndrome

Introduction: Individuals with Down syndrome (DS) have an increased prevalence of periodontal disease compared with otherwise normal, age-matched control groups and other intellectually disabled patients of similar age distribution. Caries prevalence tends to be lower in this population. Aim and objectives: To determine the long-term effect of periodic plaque control, on the progression of periodontal diseases and tooth mortality in patients with DS. Material and Methods: 25 adolescents and adults with DS (12 females/13 males, mean age 35.6 ± 8.6 years) were chosen to participate in the study from all patients with a disability, who had been treated for dental problems in a private dental practice in Borken, Germany. Standard indices to assess dental caries (DMFT), periodontal disease (PSR; bone loss; age ratio; tooth loss) were applied. Routine dental care and preventive care were performed over at least ten years. Results: Patient Group I consisted of 10 patients aged ≤ 15 years; Group II 15 patients aged ≥ 16 years, on first attendance. The overall mean DMFT score of all surveyed patients with Down syndrome was 13.4. For Group I and Group II, the mean DMFT scores were 8 and 17, respectively. Across all sites, 49.3% exhibited calculus and bleeding on probing. Shallow pockets and deep pocketing could be identified in 37.5% and 13.2% of all sites, respectively; 58.3% of all patients had slight bone loss in relation to age and 25% of all patients exhibited advanced bone loss. During the observation period an average of 2.5 teeth were lost in all patients, 0.5 in Group I and 3.8 in Group II. Conclusions: The results indicate that well-performed preventive procedures can prevent the progression of periodontal destruction in patients with DS. Only a few sites exhibited signs of advanced attachment loss and only few teeth were lost over the years of maintenance

Key words: Long-term effect, preventive programme, caries, periodontal disease, tooth mortality, Down syndrome

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Habil Peter Cichon

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