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September 2011
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The Effect on Cast Post Dimensions of Casting Investment and Airborne Particle Abrasion

Abstract - Cast posts can sometimes prove difficult to seat fully during fitting. This study compared two different liquid/water dilutions for phosphate bonded investment and the effect of controlled airborne particle abrasion on resulting post diameter. After measuring polymeric post patterns (n=18), 3 groups were invested using concentrated solution and 3 groups using dilute solution. After casting they were weighed and remeasured then exposed to airborne particle abrasion. Both solutions produced oversized cast posts. Mean diameter reduction during airborne particle abrasion was 8 μm/10s taking an average of 41s to reach precast size. Where a post pattern fits tightly, airborne particle abrasion for 70s should reduce the casting sufficiently to accommodate the cement lute.

KEY WORDS: Cast posts, Phosphate bonded investments, Airborne particle abrasion

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Danya Hashem, Matthew J. German, Robert W.Wassell

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