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September 2011
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Splinting Effect on Posterior Implants Under Various Loading Modes: A 3D Finite Element Analysis

Abstract - This three-dimensional finite element study compared stresses, intensities and displacements of three mandibular posterior implants restored with cemented crowns (two molars and a premolar in straight line), splinted versus non-splinted. Hundred newton occlusal loads were vertically or horizontally applied, either on one single crown or on all of them. Maximal stresses and implants displacements were higher under horizontal loading. Splinting major effects appeared under single horizontal load with a decrease in stresses (34-49%) and displacements (16-19%) of the loaded crown. Splinting seems more appropriate for implant-supported restorations submitted to frequent single horizontal or oblique loads than vertical ones.

KEY WORDS: Dental implant, Dental prosthesis, Finite element analysis, Mechanical Stress.

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Erwan Hauchard, Benjamin Philippe Fournier, Romain Jacq, Antoine Bouton, Laurent Pierrisnard, Adrien Naveau

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