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June 2006
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The Effect of Disinfection on Irreversible Hydrocolloid and Type III Gypsum Casts

Abstract - Under standardised conditions, 80 impressions were made of a ruled stainless steel die (ISO Specification 1563) using irreversible hydrocolloid (alginate). The alginates were subsequently treated with 3 commercially available disinfectants, Perform-ID, ImpressiV and Dimenol and poured with type III gypsum. The alginates were evaluated for surface detail reproduction and the gypsum for surface detail reproduction and hardness. Disinfection with Perform ID significantly affected the surface detail reproduction of alginate while Dimenol and ImpressiV did not. Perform ID and Dimenol both significantly affect the hardness of poured type III gypsum casts while ImpressiV did not.

KEY WORDS: Irreversible hydrocolloid, disinfection, surface detail reproduction, hardness

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Syed Mohammed Aun Hussain, Christopher J Tredwin, Michael Nesbit, David R Moles

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