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June 2006
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Book Reviews

Book Reviews
Practical Implant Dentistry: Diagnostic, Surgical, Restorative and Technical Aspects of Aesthetic and Functional Harmony. Ashok Sethi, Thomas Kaus, Quintessence publishing company ltd. 2005. ISBN: 1-85097-061-0
Practical implant dentistry is a well written book that has obviously been commissioned after considerable planning and thought. Typical of a Quintessence publication, the photographs and diagrams are of a very good quality and the authors should be congratulated in their dedication to ensure that the procedures they describe have been suitably illustrated. The book itself takes the reader through all aspects of implantology from patient selection to diagnosis and planning to eventual treatment. It is split into three main sections each of which contains a number of chapters. The first section of the book deals with patient assessment and selection. It covers all the usual aspects of implant planning and is presented with a logical and sensible approach. It is, however, written in a way that assumes the reader to have some basic knowledge in patient management and handling. The second section of the book covers implant placement. It is conveniently divided into three parts which deal with the immediate and the delayed placement of implants and all the necessary planning and procedures that go with such in the reconstruction of patients’ edentulous spaces which have adequate bone volume. The third section of the book deals with clinical situations where hard and soft tissue augmentation techniques are needed if a successful clinical outcome is to be achieved with implants. While the book itself dedicates itself to the Ankylos implant system, this does not detract the reader from the general principles of implant protocols that need to be followed if success is to follow. The reader is well guided through these necessary steps by the judicious use of flow charts. The book also dedicates itself to cement retained restorations but, again, the reader is made aware that this is not the only technique that can be employed, in addition to the authors’ reasons for favouring cement retained restorations. It is inevitable that any books of this size will contain the odd typographic or type setting error, in this instance I counted only three and while moderately distracting for a reviewer it did not detract from the overall quality of the book. I feel this book will have value to the practitioner who is already involved in implant therapy or who has embarked upon a formalised implant training programme. The book is not a substitute for such formal training and I would imagine that neither of the authors would advocate that this book does that. This does not suggest that another reader may not get anything from the book, far from it… This book provides sound advice from well respected clinicians working in the field of implantology. It respects well established clinical techniques and protocols and each chapter is well illustrated and adequately resourced with appropriate and up-to-date references. This book presents a modern approach to practical implant dentistry and provides a welcome addition to material already published. Mr R McAndrew Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Cardiff University

Practical Oral medicine. I MacLeod, A Creighton, Quintessence publishing company ltd. ISBN: 1-85097-065-3. Price: £28
This book is indeed a concise reference text covering the commonly encountered conditions in Oral medicine. It achieves this in a clear format with up-to-date references. The style of the chapters are consistent with well-produced clinical illustrations. Although it is not an exhaustive text on oral medicine, as it does not set out to be, the choice of chapter titles seems a little eclectic. There are chapters on neurological disorders of the head and neck and complementary therapies in oral medicine but not on other medical conditions related to dentistry. The therapeutics section in this text is limited to steroids. There are few omissions in some otherwise excellent material covered. On the whole, the book is easy to read, with clear headings and incorporates useful references and appendices. It is pocket size and therefore has the advantage of a useful chair-side guide in dental practice. Dr M Rudralingham University of Newcastle upon Tyne

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