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March 2006
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Comparison of two topical treatments for dentine sensitivity

Abstract - This study compares two commercially-available products for treating dentine sensitivity, Duraphat®, a fluoride varnish, and SuperSeal®, an oxalate preparation. 48 patients with dentine sensitivity were recruited. Sensitivity was assessed by visual analogue scales (VAS) to record pain following stimulation of exposed dentine surfaces by tactile stimulus (sharp probe at 60g force), thermal stimulus (ethyl chloride) and evaporative stimulus (air drying). Patients were randomised to treatment with either Duraphat® or SuperSeal®. After 4 weeks, sensitivity assessments were repeated. Both treatments resulted in statistically significant reductions in VAS scores for all stimuli (P<0.05). However, analysis of covariance failed to identify statistically significant differences in the magnitude of reductions in sensitivity achieved by each of the products (P>0.05). The treatments had similar efficacy and both can be considered effective therapies for treating dentine sensitivity.

KEY WORDS: Dentine sensitivity; Topical desensitising agent; SuperSeal®, Duraphat®

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Konstantina Merika, Arthur F. Hefti, Philip M. Preshaw

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