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March 2006
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Film thickness and rheological properties of luting agents for crown cementation

Abstract - The film thickness and rheological properties [viscosity and tan δ], of different resin based crown and bridge luting agents, including Panavia 21, Superbond, All Bond C&B Cement, Variolink were compared with zinc phosphate cement. A modification of the method in ISO 9917 (1991) and a controlled stress rheometer were used to monitor the changes in the film thickness and rheological properties respectively. For each material, the film thickness and rheological characteristics were determined at 60s after start of mixing and then made at regular intervals until immediately before the material was set. For the initial film thickness, the difference among the values for Varionk, Superbond and zinc phosphate cement was not significant (P>0.05), and less than 25µm. The values for All Bond C&B Cement and Panavia 21 were at least twice that of the other materials tested. All Bond C&B Cement produced the highest film thickness value at both the initial period and at 240s. Regarding viscosity, Superbond had the lowest initial value but the highest value at 240s. Variolink gave the highest initial value of viscosity, but the differences in the initial values among the other materials were small. During the whole period of testing, zinc phosphate cement gave the highest values of tan δ, and Panavia 21 showed no significant change in any of the measured properties. The methods were able to distinguish the behaviour of different cement materials. Some resin cements produce larger than optimal values of film thickness and in some cases this is related to a rapid increase in viscosity after mixing. It is expected that differences in the ability of cements to form thin films will affect the seating of cemented restorations.

KEY WORDS: Rheological, luting cementations, crowns

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Saad A Osman, John F. McCabe

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