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September 2007
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0265 539X

Getting through Dental Fear with CBT: A young person’s guide. Helen Chapman and Nick Kirby-Turner. ISBN 1-904127-07-X. Blue Stallion Publications, Oxon. £4.95

This is a book aimed at young people who have a phobia related to dental treatment. It is part of the “Getting through it” series of booklets for young people. It aims to help the dentally phobic young person to use cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to overcome their problem. The CBT technique is widely used by psychologists and has been found to be helpful in the management of phobias. The book aims to allow dentally phobic young people to understand more about their dental fear and to assist them to adopt a step-by-step approach to overcoming it. The book is intended for use by people who have a high level of fear which is not amenable to current standard approaches from a sympathetic dentist. A partnership approach between therapist, dentist and patient is advocated. The book is arranged logically in sections, with the first sections dealing with simple explanations of the nature of dental fear and its causes and how dental fear can be coped with using CBT. It is patient focused and it aims to teach the young person how to communicate their state of progress in overcoming their fears, to those who are involved in providing their care. In addition, there are useful explanations of ways of bypassing fear, such as the use of sedation and also very useful sources of information on finding a therapist and on finding a dentist. Sources of further relevant information are also listed including addresses, internet links and references for further reading and study. While the book is aimed principally at young people with a high degree of dental fear, it will also be of interest to all members of the dental team and to those many practicing dentists and dental specialists who wish to gain further insight into the management of dentally phobic people as well as those undertaking study in this field. The booklet is inexpensive and is simply laid out with diagrams, examples and histories which illustrate the principals being described. It should serve as a useful addition to the resources available to all those who help patients overcome their fear of dentistry. Martin Kinirons University Dental School & Hospital University College Cork, Ireland

BASCD Current affairs
Margaret Woodward, a BASCD member since 1998 has been accepted onto the UK Voluntary Register for Public Health Specialists. The register was established in 2003 to enable those already working at senior level to be accommodated as a Public Health Specialist via retrospective portfolio assessment. Margaret who began her career as a dental auxiliary developed an interest in public health whilst working in health promotion. It is believed that she is the first dental auxiliary to achieve this registration. She is currently the UK co-ordinator for the Borrow milk fluoridation programme. Many thanks to Professor Andrew Rugg-Gunn for this information.

Forthcoming meetings BASCD Autumn Scientific Meeting 2007,
29-30th November 2007. Venue: Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), London. Any member wishing to deliver a presentation at this meeting should email their abstract to Jane Powell (Hon Asst Sec): Closing date for abstracts is 1st October 2007.

BDA Community Dental Services Group Annual Presidential and Scientific Meeting 2007
31st October-2nd November 2007. Venue: The Assembly Rooms, Bath, Somerset. Booking hotline: 020 7563 4199 or email

EU Health Strategy
Oral health has been identified as one of the key elements in a forthcoming EU Health Strategy. In July 2007 an initial meeting was held in Lisbon at the start of the Portuguese EU Presidency to debate the priorities and approaches for the forthcoming Strategy. An oral health working group summarised the importance of oral diseases across the EU and a draft consultation document should be prepared by the autumn.

Oral cancer: Challenges and solutions
6th October 2007. Venue: Eastman Dental Institute, UCL, London. Registration details from


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  1. Getting through Dental Fear with CBT: A young person’s guide. Helen Chapman and Nick Kirby-Turner. ISBN 1-904127-07-X. Blue Stallion Publications, Oxon. £4.95
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