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September 2007
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0265 539X

Dental erosion among 12-14 year old school children in Khartoum: A pilot study

Objectives: To investigate dental erosion among 12-14 year old Sudanese school children and evaluate the associated risk factors. Basic Research Design: Cross sectional survey in secondary schools in Khartoum city, Sudan. Method and Participants: A sample of 157 school children was obtained from both private and public schools. Erosion on the labial and palatal surfaces of maxillary incisors was measured by criterion based on the Smith and Knight Tooth Wear Index. Dietary intake and other related factors were assessed using a questionnaire. Results: The overall erosion prevalence in this group was 66.9%, of which 45.2% was mild and 21.7% was moderate erosion. A strong association was found between erosion and private schooling (higher socioeconomic groups), carbonated drinks, herbal hibiscus drink and traditional acidic food consumption. Conclusion: There was a high prevalence of dental erosion among Sudanese school children which was mild to moderate in severity and was strongly associated with acidic dietary intake

Key words: Baobab, carbonated drinks, dental erosion, Hibiscus, Tamarind

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I.A. El Karim, N.M. Sanhouri, N.T. Hashim, H.M. Ziada

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